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Summary for busy readers

The main economic aspect is the avoidance of unnecessary costs, as the regenerant quantities have so far only rarely been adjusted to changing situations. This new technology thus comes very close to the theoretical optimum of operation with a constant surplus of regenerant. Even the optimisation for neutral regenerate is already included, so that you actually no longer waste any acid or caustic in the neutralisation unused.

Mi‑Vision monitors conductivity, SiO2 content and Na content in deionised water, replacing multiple analysers. Similarly, titrators are no longer necessary to determine raw water analysis. Here, too, Mi‑Vision offers real-time measurement of the ion content in the raw water even in the case of extreme and rapid fluctuations. These features can be used to reduce costs, especially when building a new plant, as further analytical technology is no longer necessary.

Mi‑Vision can detect the effects of fluctuating operating points, undetected faults or simply resin ageing as intended and provide the operator with assistance in reacting. Continuous analysis is also easily enabled by observing Mi‑Vision logging.

Should a stage become overloaded, Mi‑Vision can suggest aborting the loading by sending a binary signal to the DCS via its versatile configurable breakthrough detection to prevent the consequences of overloading - such as breakthrough of silica or TOC.

The detection of measured and predicted breakthrough situations is compared after each loading run. By adjusting Mi‑Vision's internal resin ageing factors, these times are adaptively aligned, resulting in an accurate resin ageing profile over time. This greatly simplifies the planning of the resin change. In particular, even the individual raw water analysis is included in the exchange recommendation. This process otherwise requires a lot of engineering effort and is automatically included by Mi‑Vision.

The recordings of Mi‑Vision are made cycle by cycle as compact text files, which can be copied and evaluated with standard programmes. For this purpose, on the one hand the service of remote assistance by MionTec and on the other hand form files are available, which already contain all necessary graphical representations.

Through an evaluation phase, your confidence in the new technology is sure to increase quickly without much effort, enabling the step from evaluation to routine use in your plant even without personal assistance.