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Mi-Vision – The new "expert" in your DI-system

The illustration shows the connection of Mi‑Vision with your DI-line:

With the Mi‑Vision system, your DI-plant monitors and controls itself. It diagnoses the function and provides very detailed information about the type and timing of the breakthroughs of the individual stages.

Self-learning algorithms detect intended ageing sequences and distinguish them from genuine deficiencies. This improves your operational safety enormously. The online silicometer included in Mi‑Vision follows the same approach. No, not an expensive photometric analyser, but an algorithm built into Mi‑Vision based on a few internal measurement signals. However, the sensitivity can still keep up with a photometric silicometer. A patent application was submitted for this!

Via its breakthrough detection, which can be configured in a variety of ways, Mi‑Vision can recommend the termination of loading by sending a binary signal to the DCS in order to prevent the consequences of an overloading - such as breakthrough of silica or TOC - regardless of whether the CAT or the AN side is breaking through.

After each loading run, Mi‑Vision calculates the exact quantity of regenerant required in relation to the loaded quantities currently on the resin. In the case studies you will find that the achieved regenerant cost savings of around 40 % have caused amazement and enthusiasm among operators.

As you can see, Mi‑Vision integrates a comprehensive combination of water-chemical calculation and simulation, monitoring functions to increase operational safety and regeneration recommendations that can be implemented directly by the DCS. Not just a measuring device, but an artificial intelligence.

• No more double regenerations

• no more silica problems

• resin replacements at the best time

• no more wasted chemicals.

Can you imagine why we see Mi‑Vision as a revolution in modern desalination technology?