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Mi-Vision now also for efficient series alternating circuit

If you own or are planning a single-row alternating circuit, you can also take advantage of the Mi‑Vision technology for this quite efficient type of system. Now there's a version for this available as well.

This variation is somewhat more straightforward and requires only one measuring cell panel for the entire plant. It is therefore more cost-effective to install in smaller single-line plants, but offers the same real-time raw water analysis, the same cost-optimised regenerant specifications and the same Mi‑Vision SiO2 measurement as its „big brother“.

The multi-line mode as well as the measurement data prediction have been cut out and the tuning mode has been simplified.

The Mi‑Vision measuring cell panel contains all the measurements necessary for the operation and monitoring of this type of system. These positions are therefore completely omitted from the price calculation of the plant itself. The use of Mi‑Vision technology can therefore even lead to lower investment costs for such a plant type than before; to lower operating costs anyway...

Mi‑Vision Lead-Lag