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The Mi-Vision measuring technology will also fit into your DI-plant

The picture shows the measuring panel for one line on the left, which is mounted onto your plant, as well as the cabinet on the right, which in the easiest case also is mounted or located in the plant.

With 3...5 water sample lines, depending on how many are available in your plant, the measuring panel is connected to your plant.

For synchronisation and balancing, a necessary 4...20 mA input is used to transfer the flow rate to the Mi‑Vision system.

In the simplest case, the measured values are transmitted back to the central DCS via 2...4 discrete analogue outputs (4...20 mA) and one binary output per line to provide a switch-off signal. Network connections via ModBus or Profibus are also possible.

The measuring panel contains a total of 10 different conductivity and pH measurements. They are designed to be permanently low-maintenance.

The Mi‑Vision system for a line
Measuring cell panel for one DI-line

All sample flows are individually controlled and adjustable via magnetic valve, so that they can be easily checked at a glance in the discharge gutter.

It is possible to equip the Mi‑Vision-system with a mobile network router to enable remote assistance and evaluation. VPN tunnels are used for data transmission, which meet high standards from the point of view of data security.

However, this feature is not necessary for operation.

To determine which of the benefits of Mi‑Vision might be (most) helpful to you, you might want to try it out before you buy. Understandable!

For this purpose, several Mi‑Vision rental devices are now available, which require little connection work, but still provide the opportunity to assess the possibilities. We are convinced that you will not want to miss your new "colleague" after the shortest time!